Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up VIVHO Tag with my smartphone?

  1. Download our free app: search for "VIVHO Tag" on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Turn on VIVHO Tag: press the button on VIVHO Tag for 3 seconds until LED light blinks.
  3. Make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone.
  4. Open the app and press "+" button to start searching for VIVHO Tag. Choose a photo, name and add the Tag.

What technology does VIVHO Tag use?

VIVHO Tag uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology to connect to your smartphone which enables very low battery consumption.

What is the working range of VIVHO Tag?

Working range in the open area is up to 40 m, but it can be decreased by metal or concrete obstacles like walls. Indoors, the range is usually about 10-30 m, e.g. when you leave your home, office or restaurant without VIVHO Tag, connection will be lost, so you will receive Separation Alarm immediately knowing that you left something behind.

How to replace the VIVHO Tag's battery?

To replace the battery, use the included clip to open the case. Recycle the old battery and replace with new CR2032.

How long does the VIVHO Tag's battery last?

VIVHO Tag's battery lasts up to 1 year, depending on usage.

Is VIVHO Tag water resistant?

Yes, VIVHO Tag is water and dust resistant.

Which smartphones are compatible with VIVHO Tag?

VIVHO Tag is compatible with following devices:

  • Apple iPhone 4S and newer running iOS 9 and later.
  • Most Android 4.4 and later smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0+ Low Energy. According to a wide variety of Android smartphones, we can't assure that all of them work stable with VIVHO Tag.

How to delete VIVHO Tag from the app?

To delete VIVHO Tag from the app, open the Tag's settings and tap "DELETE TAG" button or swipe left on the Tags list to delete selected position.

I have trouble with my VIVHO Tag and I can't find an answer here, what should I do?

Please contact our support.

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