VIVHO Tag Kids - Bluetooth smart bracelet for kids

VIVHO Tag Kids

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Smart bracelet for kids - get alerted when your children walk out of safe range. VIVHO Tag Kids lets you know if your children are lost in the crowded areas: shopping center, beach, museum, stadium, holidays, anywhere. Learn more...

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How it works

VIVHO Tag Kids – Separation Alarm

Separation Alarm

VIVHO Tag Kids prevents loss of your children. You will receive the immediate Separation Alarm from your smartphone when a child walks out of safe range.

VIVHO Tag Kids – SOS button

SOS button

When children feel anxious or want to get your attention, they can press the button on VIVHO Tag Kids to ring your smartphone.

VIVHO Tag Kids – Last location

Last location

You can check on the map last GPS position where a child was connected with you.

VIVHO Tag – Remote camera control

Remote camera control

Place your smartphone on a backpack or tripod, smile and press the VIVHO Tag's button to take a perfect photo.


Bluetooth 4.0

Low Energy



90 dB



Up to 6 months,
replaceable CR2032



Up to 80 m
in the open area*

VIVHO Tag Kids - Dimensions


28.2 x 4.2 x 1.5 cm

VIVHO Tag Kids - Weight


45 g

VIVHO Tag app

VIVHO Tag app

Download the free app on the App Store or Google Play and pair with your VIVHO Tag in a simple way. Compatible with iOS 9+ and Android 4.3+.

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